Thursday, September 25, 2014

August Misc

Here are a few more happenings in August before school started...

Our friends Kevin and Michelle were in town from D.C. and met them for dinner in Dallas. 

Cheesecake Factory for my birthday!

At Sarah's back-to-school trim, the lady had fun braiding her hair. 

Another swim at Papa Jim and G-Lana's house.

Before school started, I decided I wanted to have a day with each of the boys. Love spending some one-on-one time with these guys! I got a sitter for Jacob and Sarah and Luke and I had a great day together. His choice was to go to the mall, eat lunch at the food court, ride the carousel and go to Game Stop and use his saved money for a new DS game. 

When it was Jacob's day, he decided on Schlotzsky's for lunch then Academy to get his soccer gear for the upcoming season. Such a fun time with my boys!

Sarah is loving her new birthday bike. 

Donuts for breakfast. 

Sarah got a new purse for her birthday and we had fun coloring it. 

The boys don't usually ask to sleep together but when they do, this is what I find. Ha!

I love Luke's top bunk. He has his animals lined up just so. 

The Friday before school started, a friend of ours arranged a "breakfast in your PJ's" with a few friends. 

Their cousin, Alyssa had her 3rd birthday party at Build-A-Bear this year. 

Then back to Aunt Rhonda's house for the cake, presents and a swim. 

The weekend of Sarah's birthday we took advantage of us all being together and got a group photo.

Kristina and her kids stayed for a few days after the weekend...

Mall carousel

Yogurt break

We saw the Planes-Fire and Rescue movie. 

And then a snow cone. 

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