Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer ends...School begins...

Two days before meet-the-teacher, the kids all receive a postcard in the mail from their teacher. It's such a fun surprise to wait for the mail that day in anticipation of the big reveal of who their teacher will be. And let's just say our prayers were answered. We have AMAZING teachers this year. The kids couldn't be happier and momma too!

We weren't surprised with Jacob's teacher this year because we had the opportunity to "loop" with Mrs. Jones and his same class from second grade. Apparently, they wanted Mrs. Jones to move up to third grade and she said she would do it as long as her class could come with her. Jacob's entire class opted to move up with her so he has the exact same class with the exception of one student that moved. Beyond blessed to have Mrs. Jones again for 3rd grade!!

Meet-the-teacher night! We love Mrs. Jones!

And for Luke, he has Ms. Lewis for first grade, who Jacob had when he was in first grade. She knows our family and Luke knows her so it's been a perfect match. Our quiet, shy, sensitive Luke has had an immediate comfort level with Ms. Lewis which has helped him come out of his shell already
at school. We feel so blessed!

Meet-the-teacher night. Ms Lewis is a huge Disney fan which again is a perfect match for us!
There is nothing like the first day of school. I always like to make the breakfast table special that morning. They each got two special back-to-school cookies for later that day and a wholesome breakfast. 

Luke also got "The Night Before First Grade" book which we read the night before.  

Now time for the picture fest!

Ready to start the day! Jacob was most excited about having "big" chairs this year. 

Ready to start the day! I was somewhat expecting a few tears from Luke, like last year in Kinder. But I can tell he feels much more confident this year and was all smiles when we dropped him off. He was most excited about having a desk this year instead of a shared table like last year. 

Sarah's school started a few weeks after the boys started. We got to enjoy lots of good one-on-one time before it was time for her to begin. She is a Wise Old Owl this year and she couldn't be happier! She is going three days a week this year which will be great for her (and me!!!!). :-)

When I asked Sarah what she wanted for breakfast on her first day she asked for two scrambled eggs. Love it!

Ready to go with her new princess lunch box and backpack. 

We love Ms. Nicole. Luke had her two years ago when he was an Owl!

Ms. Krista!

She sat right down and got to work. No tears from this sweet girl this year! She loves school!

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