Wednesday, September 3, 2014

June Misc

Here are a few more pictures from June...

I love seeing these kiddos huddled around the kid's table to eat. 

A serious picture always has to be followed by a silly picture! Whatever works!

We went swimming at Kenneth and Kayla's house. Sarah had no fear of the slide, swimming to the side, getting herself out and doing it all over again!

While we were there Luke and Kayla spotted this snake just behind the slide. Eew!!!

The kids and I went to eat at Mesa's one night when Jim had an evening commitment. 


Jim and Lana are always so sweet to invite my parents and Brian's parents over for a day of swimming!

We met some of the Eckels at a Rangers game one Sunday afternoon. 

Jim with my cousins, Brian and Kyle. 

Sarah and Kaylee

Cool dudes!

These black bats were the promotional item for the kids that day. 

She's not so sure about that batting stance! 

The crew!

Look at all those Rangers jerseys. 

Who knew getting our oil changed could be so much fun. The kids LOVE this place. 

Father's Day! The kids (with my help) made Jim breakfast in bed and had him open his gifts in bed too! We had a fun day celebrating their sweet Daddy!!

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