Saturday, September 20, 2014

Losing teeth

Remember that "extra" tooth that Jacob had. Yeah...well it had to come out recently. He was so brave and did great. The laughing gas seemed to help! :)

Waiting to begin.

And it begins...

And we're done...check out the size of that tooth! Huge! The dentist said most extra teeth are half the size of this one. 

And the huge hole afterwards...

This was his note to the tooth fairy- hilarious! "Can you leave the money but don't take the tooth?" And the tooth fairy had to write yes or no. We decided this tooth was worth hanging on to.

On another note, Luke lost his FIRST tooth a few days after Jacob got his pulled. We first noticed it was loose while we were in St. Lucia. As it got closer to falling out, Luke became more anxious about it coming out.

It was barely hanging...

So, I gave it a few pulls...

And Jim too...but couldn't get it.

We had corn on the cob that night for dinner and I told him to be careful as it would probably fall out while biting into the cob. I was checking on him every couple of bites and the next time I looked, this is what I saw...a hole...and no tooth! 

Thanks to this corn on the cob...he swallowed his tooth! His very first tooth went down with the kernels. Didn't even know it had fallen out!

We decided a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what happened might be a good idea! Also, hilarious.
"Dear Tooth Fairy, I swallowed my tooth! Can you please leave the money?" Love, Luke

I found a shark tooth fairy pillow for our little shark lover! However, since we didn't have the tooth, his note went in his mouth instead. 

This happened the night before school started. Luke lost his first tooth the night before first grade! We decided the tooth fairy might like to make one stop instead of two so Jacob waited to put his tooth out with Luke's. Our tooth fairy prefers the dresser as opposed to under the pillow. No need to accidentally wake anybody up during the visit! :-)

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  1. Oh I do have to admit, the losing teeth phase totally gives me the heebie jeebies. I am beyond impressed that you tried to pull Luke's tooth yourself! So proud of Jacob for being brave at the dentist too!