Friday, September 19, 2014

In honor of Richard Durrett

One of Jim's best friends, Richard Durrett suddenly and unexpectedly passed away June 17. He collapsed outside while on a run. He was 38 years old. He left behind his wife Kelly, son Owen-6, daughter Alice-3 and a baby on the way due in January. It has been such a heartbreaking situation for everyone involved. Jim lost a dear friend whom he met when they both worked for the Denton Record Chronicle back in the late 90's. They had lunch weekly and shared a passion for sports, all things political and their faith. Richard worked for ESPN and covered the Rangers. He loved his job and Jim loved his job. Richard often had the inside scoop on the Rangers happenings and the MLB in general. He was an amazing man of God and left us all way too soon. Kelly has amazed me with her strength and her ability to keep going for the sake of her kids. I have no doubt those kids have helped her make it through each day.   

In early August, the Rangers club hosted a fundraiser for Kelly and her family. They raised $22,000 in a matter of 30 minutes through a live auction. The kindness I have seen throughout all of this truly restores my faith in the goodness of people. So heartwarming! Jim took the boys and met Kelly and Owen for the event. After the auction they got a behind the scenes tour of the stadium. 

Checking out the Rangers dugout. Kelly is in the blue shirt.

Owen, Jacob and Luke talking with Colby Lewis, a Rangers pitcher. 

Standing on the field with Owen.

They even got to go to the press box and see where Richard sat at every home game. Breaks my heart. 

They stayed for the game and Captain even came over to them! 

They got to be the guests for the MVP ride with Captain on the field during the 5th inning.

Off they go!
They were even on the big screen. They definitely felt special. All in honor of Richard!

A few weeks later there was a huge fundraiser at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth. They raised $200,000 from sponsorships, entry tickets and auction items. All for the security of Kelly's future and their three kids. Amazing!

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  1. So sad, I can't even imagine. It really is so heartwarming though to see the outpouring of support and kindness people have had for his sweet family!