Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy, busy, BUSY!

There's no question about it, Sarah is one BUSY girl these days! Having some fun in the bathroom.

Down come the cookbooks.

She climbed her way on to the trampoline.

Then pulled herself up. All while she held something in one hand!

She sat and played with the boy's cars for a good 30 minutes one day. Who says cars are for boys? ha!

To say she enjoyed putting her hands in a bowl of baked beans is the least I can say. (don't worry Rhonda-I got the Bumbo all cleaned up! haha!)

Close up!

Always has to be close to her "ya-ya". Which is the sound she makes when she is looking at Jacob and trying to get his attention. So sweet!

She is NOT going to be left out. Watch out boys!

After I got Luke a little snack, this is where I found him eating it. Looks comfy!

Just to show how much Jacob has grown since last summer when he last wore these pajamas. Look at the length of those pants! ha!

I am one blessed momma!!!


  1. Oh! My! Goodness! Those pictures of Sarah are PRECIOUS!! She is indeed one busy (and beautiful) girl. Those boys better watch out because there's not a chance that she's going to let herself get left out of anything! Watch out world - here she comes!

    Jacob and Luke are getting so big. It's hard to believe how quickly they're all growing up. Such sweet kiddos. Wish I were there to give them all loves and hugs! I love that pic of you and the kids. Your smiles say it all - one blessed family. Love you sweet friend.

  2. Great pictures! I like Sarah's bean covered face! We have one of Emily with ravioli all over her face! I really like the one of Sarah and the toilet paper though. That is so funny :)

  3. Sarah IS one busy girl! You are one lucky momma! And I'm one lucky honorary "aunt.". :-). Love those kiddos!

  4. I love this post and I love all the pictures! Sarah is too cute getting into everything. I love the innocent looks after she gets caught, ha! As cute as this age is, I remember thinking it was definitely the hardest because I just couldn't keep up with all the busy-ness! AND all the messes!

    I love the last picture of you and the kids. Those candid Mommy shots are the best -- and they are rare since Mommy is usually the photographer. You are definitely one blessed Momma!

  5. Yes, you are one blessed momma and they are three blessed children!! Sarah is letting no time go by wasted!! LOL!

  6. Oh gosh, Sarah bear is such a cutie! She is quite the little cutie with her busy self isn't she?! That picture of Jacob in his short pants cracks me up - that's totally his little embarassed silly face that I miss so much! And little Lukee - I just wish I had his flexibility to sit like that! :) - Kyla