Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer time fun time

We recently had our friends Dana, Jackson and Ryan over to play. The big boys had fun swimming while Sarah and Ryan took their morning naps.

They made their own water slide by spraying the slide with their water guns and then taking turns sliding down.

Lukie riding his surf board.

And of course we had to make an Icee for everyone.

After pizza for lunch we headed to Cherry Berry. A self serve yogurt place that is one of my favorites. For many reasons but the main reason--they have the flavor, White Chocolate Mousse for all of you that remember the greatness of this TCBY flavor!!

Luke loves his chocolate. I wonder where he got that liking???

Don't feel too sorry for these guys, they had their fair share of bites from us all!

On another note, Miss Sarah keeps herself busy with all the toys in the bench. Just open it up and she is entertained for hours. Ok, not hours but for a big chunk of time.

Look at that balance.

Looks like she found something pretty cool!

Sweet boy!


  1. Oh, so much fun!! Alex would have LOVED to have been in on all that! He loves the water and the self-serve yogurt (well, really mostly the add-ons, as in iced animal cookies with sprinkles! LOL). Yea for summer!

  2. What a fun summer day! They are such cute little friends and so fun that they are around the same ages! -Kyla

  3. That sounds like the perfect summer day to me! Pool time, ICEEs, Cherry Berry, and time with friends. Is there anything better? Wish we were there to hang out, too. Miss you, friend.

  4. Jackson always has so much fun with the boys. He loves them! I am SO thankful we have you guys close by. Our get togethers are my sanity break each week. :-). See you tomorrow.