Monday, June 6, 2011

Trophy time/ Summer time

This past Sunday marked the last day of sports for Jacob for this season. He played one last baseball game to end it all. He received three trophies this year and he is so excited about them. We are in need of getting a shelf in his room just for his trophies.

One from the soccer season...

Soccer picture

One from the TOT basketball program he did through his school...

TOT picture

And one from the baseball season...

Baseball picture

After sitting out in the heat at 2:00 on Sunday for his last baseball game, I was happy to see the season end when it did! Now that sports and school are over we are excited to officially be in summer.

What says summer more than a homemade ICEE?

And a pool to cool off in the backyard.

And what says summer time more than a sweet girl dressed in a white summer outfit.

Welcome summer, heat and all!


  1. Glad that he enjoys sports and that he has his own cheering section. Miss Sarahbella is just a doll. Stay cool this summer.

  2. Yes, it is definitely summer! HOT!! I am so impressed that you managed to have Jacob participate in 3 different sports over the spring season. Go girl!! You are so much better than me because I just hate giving up my "free" schedule for all of that. I know the time is coming though, and that's what I dread most about starting school. Congrats to Jacob for a successful season of sports with tropies to boot! And yes, Miss Sarah looks mighty precious in her white summer outfit. Hope your summer days are off to a great start!

  3. Finally!!!! I can comment!!!

    Yea for summer! I have actually really enjoyed the relaxed schedule (even with the swimming lessons at 8:00) of summer.

    Jacob sure did have a successful season! Before long his room will be full of trophies.

    Homemade icees sound yummy and Sarah looks so precious in her white.

  4. Jacob needs a trophy shelf or case for sure! He is raking in the "hardware" as we call it at our house! Love the "let summer begin" shots!! Yea!!

  5. Look at all those trophies! Yea for Jacob! You'd better install shelving thinking ahead to all the sporting events that are to come! He may need his own trophy room. Come to think of it, you could just create a trophy room for all the kiddos. Won't be long before Luke and Sarah are right there with him.

    The pool looks like it could be the hit of summer. We've had ours out, too, but mostly it's being used as a "bathtub" for all of the rocks Alex has collected. He gathers them up and jumps in the pool to throw them in with a plop splash. He stays entertained for hours!

    Love the picture of Sarah-bear in her white outfit. So precious!