Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hail Storm 2011

Two days before we left for our trip to Disneyworld, we had a massive hail storm hit Prosper in the middle of the night. The tornado sirens were going off, the Town of Prosper was calling to warn us, the winds were howling, power was out and then it all started. We quickly got all three kids up and with us and waited it out. When the hail started, it sounded like we were under attack. It sounded like the hail would have been baseball size but turns out it was a little smaller than golf ball size. It hailed for about 5-7 straight minutes. I was just waiting for our bedroom windows to come crashing in, it was so loud. And just stopped. Everything, the storm had passed, thankfully.

We were one of the lucky ones. We only lost one window and it was just the outer pane so it didn't break all the way through. Our insurance company estimated our total damages to be around $22,000. We need a new roof, two new garage doors, new side door going into garage, new gutters, shutters power washed and restained, new light fixtures in the front, power wash and restain on the backyard playset, broken window replaced, white beading on almost all windows to be replaced, and repair done to outdoor A/C unit. I'm sure I've left some items off but this is what I can remember for now.

This is the house that is two doors down from us at the end of the street. They face the West which is why they lost every window in the front.

There is a constant sound of roofers being heard. If it's not a close neighbor, it's a house down the street, or one in the neighborhood.

The roofing companies have been so busy but we finally got our roof replaced this week. It took them two full days. Starting at 7:00am both mornings and finishing both nights around 8:30. Let's just say we weren't home much these two days.

Our new roof! Now on to all the other items that need to be replaced and fixed! Fun times!

Now, having said all this, I will say that our situation isn't even worth mentioning when I see on the news all the devastation there is due to tornadoes, flooding and earthquakes. My heart breaks for all the thousands of people that have been affected. I thank God every day for keeping us safe and I will deal with the hassle of all these repairs with a new attitude!


  1. My father-in-law sent me an email of his other son (Jeff's stepbrother) holding a softball-sized hail rock from that same storm in the Dallas area. He is from California and had been staying overnight at a hotel there...Welcome to TX where everything is bigger, ha!

    Anyway, I honestly can't imagine how scary that must be to gather your kids and wait it out. I hope the kids weren't too traumatized?? Thankfully you have a nice secure area (I'm assuming the laundry room?) where you can huddle together safely. And thank God the tornados avoided your area. I'm with you -- just reading about all the devastation from tornados lately is overwhelming and I'm so thankful we have been spared from the bad weather.

    Your neighborhood reminds me of Houston after Hurricane Ike. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing blue tarps on every single house. It took us MONTHS to get a roofer, and that was only out of a favor from a friend. I hope the rest of the repairs go smoothly and that Prosper is done with bad weather for a while!!

  2. Glad your new roof is done. I bet you are so relieved. Sounds like you guys have lots of updates coming your way. Thankful that you guys were all safe!

  3. Where oh where do you begin? That's the question I always have when devastating storms hit that cause so much damage. I'm so sorry that you all have had to go through this, but am soooooo thankful that you, Jim and the kids are ok. Everything else can be replaced.

  4. The most important thing is that you were all safe. It is very heartbreaking to know of the losses suffered throughout the south this storm season. blessings ~ tanna

  5. At least the damage isn't catastrophic and you're totally lucky compared to the other guys who got their houses half-wrecked by the storm. Also, the place looks fantastic after the repairs. I just hope that it won't be damaged again!

  6. Roof repairs and replacements are a common sight after a hail storm. Well, even if wasn’t an intense hail storm, you have to check if your roof (and other parts of the houses) sustained damage. If your roof demands to be repaired, then this is a good time to know if you need some changes or not. Anyway, I’m glad that you didn’t sustain too much damage, but it doesn’t change the fact that the whole neighborhood was affected. I hope everything went back to normal right away.

  7. It seems that you experienced a massive hail storm. Aside from your roof, you have to repair other parts of your house as well. It was a good thing that you have great crew to rely on. Does your area always get hit by a disaster like this? It doesn’t matter how much money you spent on repairs though. What’s important is that your family is safe.

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