Wednesday, August 13, 2014

April Misc

Here are a few other things that happened in April...

Love getting a pedicure with my girlie girl!

All three kids had a dental cleaning at the same time. Gotta knock them out all at once, ya know. Sarah had her first cleaning ever and did great. She was so proud that she didn't cry. It helped that she got to watch Frozen during the process.
Two thumbs up for no tears and no cavities! 

We had an interesting "find" during Luke's appointment. While the dentist was reviewing Luke's xray, he called me into the room. He explained to me that Luke is MISSING a permanent tooth! What?!?! It was clear-as-day on the xray. I was so surprised to hear this. Luke has always had EXCELLENT reports on his teeth. Beautiful, text-book spacing, healthy gums and on and on. The dentist told me he wasn't surprised about his "missing" tooth since Jacob has an "extra" tooth. He said it's very genetic to have missing/extra teeth and they usually see it in several family members. News to me!! Turns out my Grandma (dad's mom) still had a baby tooth hinting that she was missing the permanent tooth!  Soooo, we will be seeing the dentist a lot during Luke's high school years getting this problem fixed!
No cavities!

No cavities! We will be getting that extra tooth pulled soon! Stay tuned!

Love these sleeping babies!

Luke had a party with his baseball team during the season!

Sarah helping me shop at Market Street!

We met a friend, Luke from her class at the park one day!

Water fountain fun!

Grandma and Grandpa came up one weekend and were able to see both boys play!

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