Thursday, August 28, 2014

Visit to Tyler

We kicked off summer by going to Tyler the first week so Jacob could attend a basketball camp at TJC with Gabriel. They had the BEST time at the camp and loved doing it together. 
The college kids on the TJC basketball team were their camp leaders for the week. They talked about them all week and really enjoyed being with them.

Luke wasn't old enough for the camp but he was excited for them. 

We took advantage of the nice weather and took the kids to the park to play and for a picnic lunch one day. 

Kyla and her sweet boys joined us for a few days that week. Love when we can all be together. 

We celebrated Annie's 7th birthday while we were there. 

A night time swim. 

We took the kids to a bounce house place one day. 

We got yogurt at TCBY one day!!

Sweet girls!

We went to Target one day!

And lots of swimming every day!



Enjoying their ice cream treat!

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