Thursday, August 28, 2014

May misc

Here are a few other pictures from May...

The last day of school was also the last day of swim lessons. Ribbons for all.

A few days after school was out, my friend Emily and I took the kiddos to Hawaiian Falls. It was a fun day!

Back in May, the boys participated in a Cinco de Mayo parade at school.

Luke's baseball team had a mid-season party. Fun times for them. 

The last week of school they got to wear their pajamas to school one day.

A close-up of Jim's black eye. He got hit by a pitch at one of Jacob's practices. This was the next morning. It definitely got much worse before it got better. 

A few days later. It eventually spread all the way below his eye. It took a good 3-4 weeks to heal. 

Jacob pitched a few games this season. He got so nervous before those games and decided in the end that he didn't like the pressure and didn't want to pitch anymore. 

Sarah in the middle of our cart of flowers at Home Depot. Sweet girl in her white dress.

Bedtime ice cream  snack. Love these three munchkins. 
Kristina and I had bought the girls the same outfit without knowing it. They were so excited to discover they all matched. :)
The family got to see both of the boy's games the weekend they were here for Lacy's wedding. 

Once last lunch visit with Luke. 

We took the kids to a Rangers day game and had a fun day

My Dad was in the hospital for seven days with an infection on his chin. They ended up having to drain the abscess and then realized it was a MRSA staph infection. Thankfully they found the right antibiotic for him. So glad to have that behind us. Never fun seeing one of your parents in the hospital. 

At the Kindergarten celebration, celebrating all their successes over the year. 

Can you tell he didn't want his picture taken?

2nd grade celebration was next.

Sarah and I had a day at the mall one last time before the boys got out of school. 

At the last assembly, Luke received an award for "being awesome"!

Cousin Emily's 6th birthday party at Main Event. 

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