Friday, August 22, 2014

Jacob's 1st Holy Communion

May 10, 2014. Another special day for Jacob in his Catholic faith. He made his First Holy Communion. And what a special, special day it was! He's been prepping for this day for two years. Along with preparing in his second grade year of Faith Formation, first grade Faith Formation is also a prep year for receiving Reconciliation as well as Communion.  
A special invitation to remember this day.

Jacob wanted Jim to wear a gold tie just like him. And yes that's a black eye Jim has. Thanks to a wild pitch at one of Jacob's baseball practices. Poor guy!

A little chat with Father Zach before Mass. This is the same priest that heard Jacob's first confession. An amazing man!  

Waiting their turn for class pictures before Mass. 

Gabriel and Jacob before Mass.

Jacob and Lily. They've been in Faith Formation class together since Kindergarten. 

He was so excited about his day. It was so special seeing just how important this day was to him. He was excited and nervous all at the same time. He had a small speaking part, offering up one of the prayer intentions and did a fantastic job. 


Posing for the class picture.

Jacob and Lily again.

We weren't allowed to take any photographs during Mass, out of respect for the Eucharist but here he is after Mass. He got his sacrament certificate!
 My heart was full seeing how important and special it was to him too!

Our friend, Jackie and her family came to celebrate with us.

Grandpa and Jacob

Posing with his Godparents!
Father Zach, Father Larry and Father Ivan. Have I mentioned how blessed we are by these amazing men of God? Simply amazing! And so blessed we were to have all three present at this Mass. Jacob got to receive his first communion from Fr. Zach. 

Papa Jim and G-Lana

So happy Velma came too!

After Mass and pictures we had everyone back to our house for lunch. 

Cookies by Leah- crosses, doves and churches

The dessert table. 

A friend from church told me about a bakery in McKinney. I was SO happy with how the cake turned out.They did a great job. 

Thankfully the weather allowed some of us to eat outside. 

Jacob had fun opening his gifts. 

We are SO proud of you sweet Jacob and love watching you take the blessed body and precious blood at every Mass now. We love watching you grow in your faith day by day. Congratulations to you on this special day!


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  2. It was such a beautiful day for Jacob! He did so great and we are so proud of him. You did a great job capturing pics of the big day!