Thursday, April 15, 2010

All about Jacob

On April 6th, Jacob was officially 4 1/2. He always gets so excited to add the 1/2 in there when asked how old he is. I really can't believe he is getting so big and the things he says, the things he asks and the things he does just amaze me. Their little minds soak up so much and it's such a fun journey watching them grow up.

As Jacob is approaching age 5, it makes me SO thankful that my baby isn't starting Kindergarten in the fall, like all of his friends. Since he has an October birthday he just misses the cut off, which I'm so thankful for. Not because I don't think he would be ready but for selfish reasons. I get one more year with my sweet boy before he really grows up. I always think kids change so much once they start Kindergarten.

In the fall, he will be going to preschool at a church in Frisco on Mon/Wed/Fri from 9-2:30. That's a big change from his Tue/Thurs 9-1 that he has done for the past 2 years. Since he will be 5 for the majority of the year, I think this schedule will be great for him and help prepare him for when he does start school the following year.

These days, Jacob is really into cars. (his Uncle Laine would be excited.) The Easter Bunny brought him a new race car track and some new Hot Wheels that he just loves! It's funny how he can remember such specific things about those cars, the colors, the details etc. He also loves anything related to flying, airplanes, rocket ships, fighter jets etc. He plays this often too.

The Easter Bunny also brought him a little pot with some seeds to plant to grow a flower. (love the Target dollar section). He has been very diligent about making sure it is in a sunny spot and about watering it daily.

Planting the seeds

Carefully watering

The Marigold has a sprout, he's SO excited

They LOVE riding their cars on all the tile we have. They go SO fast and have such a fun time.

Here's the pony picture from school this year

And the pony picture from last year

Here are a few funny things he has recently said:
So, we are walking out of his school today and I asked him if he wanted to stay and run around with the other kids outside (which we do almost every school day). His response,
J: "No, it's too humid today".
M: "Humid, what do you mean?"
J: "Well, because it's in the 80's."
I must say, he does have a thing for the weather. He checks the weather every day on my phone and loves watching the weather when it comes on the news. He is fascinated with checking the radars for rain and storms.

So, the other day we are driving north on the Tollway. He sits behind me, so on the left side of the car. He was looking out his window to the left and says...
J: "It sure is getting cloudy to the West."
M: "It sure is. How do you know that is the West?"
J: "I just know, plus the W on your compass is on."
He pays attention to such details, it blows me away. The compass is on the rear view mirror so he can clearly see it.

So, we were leaving the Dallas Zoo (pictures to come soon) yesterday and we were there for almost 5 hours. He was pooped by the time we were leaving. As we were walking out I ask,
M: "Honey, are you tired?"
J: "No, I'm NOT tired." (he can never admit this)
M: "Oh, really."
J: "No, I'm just worn out." (he said it with such exhaustion)

It's never a dull moment around here. Kids sure do keep us on our toes, don't they! Such a blessing and such a joy!


  1. Katherine, he (all of them) is just growing up so fast. I love hearing all their milestones and seeing the way they have changed in their pictures, but my favorite part is always what they are saying! Priceless conversations! Priceless! I'm not sure if we have a budding meteorologist or a pilot or a race car driver or a rocket scientist... but, I'm loving to get to see where their paths lead!

  2. haha! He is such a funny fella with his little weather comments! So big! :) That's a fun project with him planting the seeds. Tell him I totally understand, I got just as excited when my herbs started sprouting up too! :)

  3. I love hearing what Jacob is up to these days! He is just so darn cute with his activities and of course those priceless conversations. And I completely understand what you mean about wanting him to stay your little boy for just a little longer. We've been going back and forth about what to do for Connor with pre-K and Kindergarten (how many days, when to start school, etc.) But I know in the future we'll look back and miss these precious times with our firstborn kiddos, so we should soak it in while we can!!

    By the way, Connor got those same seeds/pots last week and we've been waiting for a little sprout...nothing yet!

  4. What a great post. I love hearing all the updates and seeing how our sweet Jacob is growing up. Although the growing up part is bitter sweet isn't it? His observations and conversations are priceless! And I'm with him on the weather. I check it on my phone every morning, too.

    It's hard to believe that 4 1/2 years have passed. It seems like yesterday that he entered this world on that October day when a cold front blew in. He has just been so much fun to watch grow up. Thank goodness for blogs because it's hard not getting to see it in person these last few months.

    One of the things I love most about Jacob is what a great big brother he is. I look forward to seeing him - and Luke, too - when Sarah arrives. He's got lots to teach her, growing seeds, reading compasses...

    On a completely separate note - I'm loving the new fridge you guys have. OMG - that is my dream fridge!

  5. How fun to hear about all he is doing. I'm glad he's not going to kinder yet either. He just seems too sweet and young to go out into the world yet!!! Plus, I'll get to see him next year during the day now that I'll be at home! It cracks me up that he loves to check the weather. Tell him that I check the weather on my iphone all the time too!