Thursday, April 22, 2010

Swim lessons

Jacob started swimming lessons this week, with much resistance I might add. He must have asked me a thousand questions on the drive to the pool. "Am I going to drown? How tight are they going to hold on to me? Will you ask my teacher when the class is going to be over? Are they going to make me go under water? How long is the class? Is 40 minutes long? Is my teacher going to be a boy or girl?" And the list goes on. Poor guy. He was so nervous. Which is part of the reason we wanted to get him started in lessons now. He loves being in the water but has a lot of fears. I really want him to get over some of this fear and eventually learn to swim. Because I know for a fact that we will be at the neighborhood pool ALOT this summer...mamma bear here is gonna be lovin' the pool during the hot, swollen summer months.

Anyway, much to my surprise Jacob was all smiles when he went with his instructor and did great in class.

Help getting in the water

Jacob is the one actually looking and listening to the instructor

Waiting his turn for the kick board

After class he said "That was SO fun". I have hope! :)

On another note, I just couldn't resist this picture of Luke today while we were at Wal-Mart. I recently realized one way to get him to stay seated in the shopping cart is to take the portable DVD player in with us. He sat the entire time, it was wonderful!

Of course he had to have Pups close by while watching Clifford.


  1. Jacob is the most serious little student. He was that way with his Tae Kwan Do... always paying attention, working hard, mastering his tasks. Awesome. Luke is so cute in the shopping cart... very good idea, Mom. =)

  2. Yay Jacob! I bet he will surprise you and be the ace student of the class! Those questions are too can certainly tell he was worried, bless his heart! But I have no doubt he'll do great and love learning to swim. Do you guys have a neighborhood pool you will enjoy this summer? That will be SO nice for you and the boys to cool off (and burn off all that extra energy for the boys!) this summer.

  3. That's great! I'm glad he got into a swim class! Emily is starting at Emler tomorrow.

  4. Poor little fella was VERY concerned about those swim lessons, wasn't he? And how wonderful that he ended up enjoying it in the end. He really is such an intent listener when he's being taught something. That will serve him well in life. =)

    I'm stashing away the DVD player idea. I pray for creativity in parenting all the time. "Lord, help me find creative solutions to whatever we have a need for. And let those creative ideas come quickly!" This is definitely one of those ideas! You go girl!

  5. I'm so excited about his swim lessons! He will have to show me all of his new tricks when we go to the pool this summer.