Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nothing says Spring time like...

...the beginning of baseball season and going to a Rangers game. This is our favorite time of the year to April, during the day while the weather is still enjoyable. We have always enjoyed going out to the ballpark. In fact, Jim and I went to a Rangers game on our 3rd date. Rangers vs Yankees. How about that!!

We have taken the boys out there every year and they seem to enjoy it as well. Jacob was so excited about it today. And was talking about it from the moment he woke up.

Luke kept himself busy with, well...playing with the chairs, playing on the stairs, stomping on the peanut shells and I'm not sure what else but I didn't have to take him out once so I was happy about that.

Jacob loves cracking and eating peanuts

And so does Luke

And Jacob was more than happy to crack the shells for him

Here are the boys- August 09

August 08- Jacob-almost 3, Luke 7 months

April 06- Jacob 6 months

This weekend we also took a walk/bike ride around the neighborhood.

We walked to the pond with hopes to feed the ducks and turtles. However, they wanted no part of our bread and Jacob tried every tactic to try to lure them over for a snack. No such luck!

Luke tossing his bread in

So we walked to the pond at the front of the neighborhood to try there and still no luck.

Better luck next time kiddos, which I'm certain there will be a next time! :) But we did enjoy being outside this weekend, so refreshing!


  1. LOL! When I saw the title of your post, I was thinking.... BASEBALL! LOL! So fun to see the comparison pictures! I love your neighborhood, Katherine! Fun outdoor adventures!

  2. I love Luke in his sunglasses! I also like it when you post then and now pictures. Time flies!

  3. I love the springtime baseball tradition! It's so neat to see your boys over the years, and I'm sure they are both developing a love for baseball that they can enjoy with Jim for years and years to come. And I'm super impressed that Luke does well at the game like that! Makes it much more enjoyable for Mom and Dad!

  4. What fun memories you are making at the Rangers games! The boys will always remember those. I LOVE the spring time and all the fun outdoor activities. Nothing is better than a walk in the fall or spring. Enjoy it because we are both going to be hot and miserable really soon!

  5. I love yall's tradition of going to the Rangers game! Glad the boys have fun with it and enjoy the peanuts of course! ;)

  6. So far behind on catching up on my blog reading!

    Those comparison pictures are the best. It's amazing to see how much the boys change from year to year. Just think, next year little Sarah will need her own Texas Rangers gear!

    They're getting so big, and Jacob is such a good big brother cracking those peanuts for Lukie. Take me out to the ballgame indeed. =)

    The neighborhood looks wonderful. A pool, duck pond, walking trail - all good things to keep little boys busy. And hopefully so they'll have good naps for you! =)