Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dallas Zoo

We have been enjoying the nice spring weather recently. What a better way to enjoy it than to be outside. We recently went to the Dallas Zoo, not once but twice. Once with Jim and once with our friends. The boys loved it and enjoyed it all. And honestly, I did too!

They have a great gorilla exhibit. This gorilla was putting on quite a show, all stretched out in front of the viewing windows.


When I asked Jacob what his favorite animal was, he said the chimpanzee with the baby on his back. It really was so cute!

First, why kids love making this face is beyond me. Second, after witnessing one of the elephants pee and poop right in front of us and then sling mud all over us, we decided we had seen enough of the elephants. We all had mud in our hair, on our shirts and on the stroller. Seriously??

Feeding the birds. Lukie just loved it!

Best buds

Fun times! Bluebonnet pictures coming soon...


  1. Looks like fun days at the zoo! They're so funny with their silly faces with their friends too! :)

  2. Fun times indeed! Love that ya'll are having so many fun outdoor adventures! The weather has been perfect. The zoo was always one of my favorite outings with the kids and I have to say that Zack was always most amused by whatever excrement activity that was going on! He would just roar with laughter. Boys. Gotta love 'em! LOL.

  3. How fun! I love seeing how much fun you guys are having with this awesome spring weather. The zoo sounds like so much fun and the elephants have always been my favorite! I probably wouldn't like the mud, either! Your trip to the zoo has really inspired me...I need to take my kiddos before it gets too hot!

  4. I love the zoo! I was just telling Laine that we need to take Jackson soon. I think he'd love it. I can't believe you guys got all muddy. That cracks me up! The boys probably thought that was so cool!