Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Built-in is in

We got our built-in TV cabinet installed on Tuesday. It was amazing to watch the process of how they fit it in and make it look as if it was built in when the house was built. I did get a little nervous when they first brought it in and it was too wide for the space and the carpenter said "Let's just take it outside and shave 3/4" off of one side." I about cringed and decided I should leave the room and let them do what they do best. Turns out that is pretty common for them to do. Once they got it installed, the painter came back to do the touch ups. We allowed a day for the touch ups to dry and got the TV moved in tonight. We are so glad this project is behind us and glad to have our TV in place and our living room a little more organized. Thanks to Brian for all of his help, we couldn't have done it without you guys!

Here is the piece before it was painted

Part of it after it was painted

Once it was brought into the house

Here it is with the TV in it. As you can see, there is LOTS of space to fill with decorations so I welcome any suggestions and ideas. Come on now, don't be shy! :)


  1. You're right, it looks just like it's been there all along. I love it! I have two niches in our living room that I've really been wanting to do the built-ins for, so I'm jealous!! As far as ideas, girl I am struggling for any creative juices these days. I bet I know some of your other blog readers that will have some great suggestions, though :-)

  2. Oh it looks great!! How pretty! I suggest you fill the empty holes with nothing but pictures of me! hehe :P In all seriousness though, you could alternate it between pictures of you guys with little decorative pieces. Those Willowtree Angels are cute fillers too!

  3. Yum! Katherine, that piece is gorgeous. Classic. Timeless. You. I love it! With every picture you post of the new house, I am more and more anxious to see it in person. You're doing such a great job of making the house a home. I know you guys are going to enjoy it for years and years to come.

    I've seen lots of photos where people are using baskets on their shelves to create symmetry and clean lines when there's lots of space to fill. Decorative plates are another idea. And I've seen people use books that are covered in the same color paper (like a brown paper sack, white construction paper, etc.) that matches the color scheme in the room. Do you get the Ballard Designs catalog? There are a bunch of good ideas in there right now, too. Online has them, too, I'm sure.

    I hope you'll post an "after it's decorated" photo for us to see!

  4. That turned out great! Can't wait to see it in person. It's amazing to me what these people can make happen!